Letter of Secretary-General

Distinguished participants,

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the first annual session of GKVMUN 2020. I am, Yaren Ilaslan, an IB Student in Gaziantep College Foundation Cemil Alevli College, I have the distinct privilege to address you as the Secretary-General of GKVMUN20. In this conference we aimed to make our participants experience an unique, professional and fulfilling atmosphere. Furthermore, we are thrilled to host an international conference in our region, to represent how open minded & accueillant we are.

This year, we have designated 7 breathtaking committees to be simulated in our conference.

Our first committee SOCHUM’s agenda item ‘eradicating the pressure of politicians on media and journalists & preventing manipulation on world news’ was setted intentionally in order to raise an awareness in our youth’s mind about the increasing problems upon the freedom of press.

In our second committee delegates of US Senate will simulate world’s most powerful parliament’s senators, and will discuss about the present and future of the United States of America and world at the same time.

Our third committee is a Fantasy committee about the Sherlock series. In this committee, we’ve dreamt of a new case; however now we don’t have our high-functioning sociopath Sherlock Holmes to solve this case for the reason that: our case involves Sherlock Holmes getting lost.

Our fourth committee is a Turkish committee, simulating UNHRC. We have especially picked this agenda item in order to provide a constructive debate upon this crucial issue, to handle the problem of isolation of LGBTQ+ people from society.

Our fifth committee UNHCR is has such a emphatetic topic for us, in Turkey, especially in Gaziantep, we’ve experienced the consequences of Syrian Refugee Crisis from the first hand. Along with this perspective, when we heard the challenge of High Commissioner for Refugees, we all had the belief that made us think, we are the young people who has the mind of problem solving, and a wide point of view. Thus we are the ones who has the right to speak the most, hence our voices should be heard by the policy-makers.

Our sixth committee Witch Mania is led by the authorities and emperors of Europe from 16th century when the hysteria about “black magic” & witch hunt activities gained momentum and continued more than 200 years and the delegates will be representing them. They will be writing the history of witch-hunting once more.

Our seventh committee United Nations Security Council: Delegates of this committee will be coping about the Sudan Crisis. Sudan has been in the midst of a political crisis since long-serving ruler Omar al-Bashir was overthrown in April. The military and pro-democracy movement have been locked in a tussle for power that has led to mass protests and killings.

We are in a process of both academically and organizationally hard work. I strongly invite everyone to be a part of our UNITE THE UNIQUE movement